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About Ryan J. Rhoades

Hi! I'm Ryan. Welcome to my Patreon! My friends and I are building a tribe that is dedicated to helping each another succeed in their creative endeavors, and we'd love to invite you to join us. We are doing so via various multimedia channels including The Creative Revolution Podcast

  • Do you want to learn practical steps on how to make a living doing what you love?

  • Are you an creator or business owner who is looking for a community to support you in bringing your ideas to life?

  • Or, maybe you don’t know what you want to create yet and want to learn how to make something, out of nothing? (Because let’s face it, that’s all any of this really is, right?)

You’ve come to the right place!

Our mission is to empower you to take your ideas to the next level, no matter where you are in the process. We do this by sharing what we've learned on the journey so far and connecting you with people and resources who can help.

On my podcast, I regularly interview a variety of awesome creators who are thriving by doing what they love: musicians who are cutting their first album, business owners who are building their own client base, YouTubers who have a consistent and devoted fan base, etc.

I want to shift the “starving artist” mentality to a “thriving creator” mentality by helping you realize what is actually available to you, at your fingertips, right now. I’ll share practical tips, wisdom from movers and shakers across the globe, and point you to specific resources so you have the tools that you need to move forward.

Distributing our content and making these videos takes a lot of work to produce - booking interviews, writing, designing, illustrating, animating, shooting, editing, and more. I want this to be less of a side project and more of a main project, but I can’t do that without your help.

There are various levels of support available, some of which give you access to things like:

  • Early access to replays of our live webinars and coaching/process videos, early access to podcast topics, etc

  • Patron-only bi-weekly or monthly creative consultations via video chat where we all mastermind together on your various projects and help move you forward in your creative pursuit

  • Access to our private creator community so that you can interact more closely with us and other creative entrepreneurs who are building their projects, businesses and brand

  • Sweet deals on our artwork, clothing, and products at our online store

  • Patron-only access to behind-the-scenes projects that our team is working on

  • Copies of my newly released book, The Science of Getting Rich: How to Think, How to Act, and What to Do to Harness Your Creative Potential

  • Copies of my first book, Stop Wasting Time and Burning Money: How to Crush Procrastination and Live the Life of Your Dreams

  • ...and more!
Here are some more details about who we are, what we've been working on, and what you can expect by supporting us:

My wife Laura and I run a design agency called Reformation Designs. We started it in 2011 in Silicon Valley and have since moved to Oregon. We specialize in brand development, business and creative coaching, as well as multimedia, digital art, and product design (check out our original products, including yoga pants, at RDshop.biz!)

We love the various creative arts and helping others harness the creative process. More than that, we love helping creative entrepreneurs figure out how to turn what they love to do into a sustainable living.

I regularly interview my creator/entrepreneur friends who are at various stages of making a living with their creativity on The Creative Revolution Podcast. You can check out Season 1 of the show on my YouTube channel here. We also are publishing the audio of these interviews on the various podcasting platforms here.

We have met a lot of amazing people throughout the years from all over the world who are blazing their own creative entrepreneurial path. People like Nathan Landis Funk (actor/musician/writer), Cordell Winrow (personal trainer), Mary Bee (singer/songwriter), Erin Hickok ("The Connectress" and founder of Cards for Connection), Caleb & Jacob Wolcott of Semblance of Sanity (YouTubers), and lots more.

It's been exciting to see interactions between the guests and the audience, as well as hearing the great advice that has been shared so far on a wide variety of topics related to personal and professional development in various creative careers.

We would love to do more content like this on a more regular basis - sharing our resources and advice from the creative journey - and that's why we're here on Patreon. By being one of our patrons, you'll be helping my team and I continue making great content for you. 

We'll be sharing things we're learning along the way, and your support makes it possible for us to stay focused on the creative process and creating new content and products for you all.

In one of the reward tiers I'll be offering the second book that I published, called "The Science of Getting Rich: What to Think, How to Act and What to Do to Harness Your Creative Potential".

It's an updated version with new commentary on the 1910 original classic by Wallace Wattles, which has been a big inspiration as I've worked on developing my own skill-set in various creative arts like graphic design, video production, photography, web design, branding, etc.

My team and I have learned a lot over the years in bringing our own startup design agency from concept to profitable business. Our goal with this book and all the content we create around it is to empower this generation of entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, creators, and big thinkers to bring their ideas to life and leave this world a little better than we found it.

The book also includes 7-8 pages of reading recommendations - books that I have read over the course of my creative career thus far that have helped me and my team immensely in bridging the gap between ideas and reality, for things like graphics, videos, projects, events, websites, and businesses.

You can order the book on our store or on Amazon today.

We are looking forward to connecting more with you, and we sincerely appreciate all your support and patronage now and over the years. We couldn't do what we do without the love and support of countless friends, family, patrons and fans around the world, and we appreciate you all deeply for being in our corner!

I am super excited to connect more with you and help you along your creative journey!

- Ryan Rhoades, Founder & Creative Director at Reformation Designs

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