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Reign Atkins is the author of Hope, Descendants, and Cataclysm!

Imagine a world where humanity is dying out and the Greek Gods are making a return. Imagine that the tales you once knew were all planted by Hermes... and that he has been here all along!
Join Astrid, Cruz and the rest of the gang as they live through all this and learn a whole lot more!

Be it Mortal, Descendant, Demi-god, God, or Titan, I am looking for your support as we battle through these rocky sea monster-filled waters together!

WOO! Exclusive content is now available! Patrons will receive early access as well as SOME EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to content, short chapters (shorts) and other fun stuff!

Get to know our misfits before the book series. Take a vote on love interests and binge read material that isn't available anywhere else! (Like the confidential contents of General Sutherland's folder of Pandora!  
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