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I have started this path of being a content creator as a way to express myself and ultimately live my life the way I have always envisioned. I have set goals that I want to accomplish in order to break boundaries, stereotypes and shift culture, starting with my identity as being an Asian American. With my content I want to inspire others to live their lives with less of those barriers and stigmas and feel more free to go after what they feel they love to do or feel passionate about without negative stereotypes from holding them back starting with my own. I will lead by example and document my journey, share these experiences that I am going through to try and accomplish these goals, all while living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I also plan to showcase the self-growth aspects, and becoming the individual I strive to be and someone I, along with the rest of my audience can look back and be proud of. Right now I plan to learn as much as I can in the prime of my life and appreciate life right now in the process never taking what I currently have now in my life for granted. I will continue to work hard and find a passion in what I love to do which is expressing myself in the form of creating content and not be forced to do something that will make me miserable, living a life filled with regret. Supporting this platform is a great way for you guys to help make these voices heard and help me do my part in making the world a better place. 
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