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Thank you. We greatly appreciate your support. As thanks, at this level (and every level above), you will

· Gain access to the Raw Session recording when I start to edit them. This means that you will be able to listen to the session before the general release of cut up and edited episodes.

· Get to vote on any decisions that we open to a vote. Sometimes, these votes are about what direction we may take the campaign, or what setting we might explore next. 

· Gain access to our Discord channel, with a special role for Patreon Supporters, that will allow you gain access to some channels that aren’t open to non-supporters.

· Gain access to a special Relative Dimension Patreon supporter roll on the Shadowcasters Network Discord

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Thank you. In addition to the above, this level will also grant you

· The ability to submit a minor NPC that will be worked into the backstory of one of the PCs. This NPC may make occasional appearances based on decisions of the players.

· You may also submit job ideas. These jobs may have to be tweaked to fit into the current location where the PCs happen to be, but they will be offered, and the group given the opportunity to take or refuse the jobs based on what they may be doing. If your job is chosen, you will be given a shoutout on the podcast episode. If the jobs are chosen or refused, you may then submit a replacement job.

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Have an idea for a podcast, but hosting fees are holding you back.  I was there, and I understand that fees can add up quickly.  Domain fees + Domain Hosting + Podcast hosting adds up quickly.

If you pledge at this level, I will host your episodes on my feed.  I will offer advice on settings and recording techniques, and set up a dropbox folder so that you can get your edited files to me.  I will then upload them to my feed and set a scheduled day for their release.  I will also make a page post on my website with your Title and Text, and Sharing links that you may then link to for people to find your Episodes.  They will also be posted under their own category, to make them easier to find from the Category listing.

They will show up on the Relative Dimension iTunes feed, but will be named with your Title, so that listeners can tell them apart from other releases on the feed.

If you pledge at this level, I will get in contact with you to discuss the details.
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I was inspired by some of the other podcasts out there; from Actual Plays like Penny Arcade and Acquisitions Inc., and Hiddengrid, and Arcology Podcast, to informational podcasts like Critical Glitch, Gamerstable, Fear the Boot, and Arcology Podcast again.

Relative Dimension is a Roleplaying Game Actual Play Podcast.  We started with Shadowrun, running classic 1st edition modules for the Actual Play.  We then moved into modern times with Artificium Occulte Venatores.  A Vatican-employed team of special agents that went where The Church sent them, to retrieve things that were best not left in just any hands.  Due to scheduling issues, we had to stop AOV, and we moved to Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition, from Pinnacle Entertainment

Which brings us to our current project. Tomb of Annihilation, using D&D 5e.  We stream this biweekly on Twitch ( ), and the episodes are uploaded to Youtube soon after ( ).  As I have time to edit the video feeds, and strip the audio, I will then be uploading them onto out Podcast feed.  So if you don't want to tune in live, you can still get it from your podcatcher of choice.

Our Pledge Levels will soon be renamed to better suit our live D&D game, so be on the lookout for that..  There is still the opportunity for you to have your own little portion of our game, by submitting NPCs that I will work into the game, or locations/plot lines that I will work on presenting to the players.

You may ask what we will do with the funds provided by our supporters.  In addition to helping to cover hosting and storage fees, domain costs, as well as machine maintenance, I will be using a portion of those funds for the occasional give away.  I may buy gift certificates at DrivethruRPG, or the Pinnacle site to give away.  I will also use them to purchase other game materials that may be needed for our game.  PDFs that I can use with Roll20, or the like.  Your support is greatly helpful, and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.
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Thank you for your support.

Besides helping us to cover our Hosting and Storage costs, I will start doing a giveaway of a DrivethruRPG gift certificate on the first session that we play every month, as thanks for your support.
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