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About Rachel Levy

Once Upon a time...
There was a lonely girl whose only companions were those she could find in books. Her writing career began at the ripe of age of nine when she launched a foray into Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction.

The next 18 years were spent developing her own voice and reading voraciously. After a brief stint as a theater major, she bit the bullet and studied Literature at the University of Minnesota; where she developed a passionate love for Arthurian and Medieval Literature.

She now lives in Minneapolis with her partner, daughter, and two cats Loki & Freyja. Please continue reading for synopses and other information regarding her current projects!

"Levy’s writing dazzles with magically crafted worlds, vivid action, and colorful characters so personable that we end up sharing thoughts… Her breathtaking writing is impossible to put down and shows all the promise of being the next bestseller. " - Veronica Asch

"The prose is always strikingly clear and descriptive. A fast and delightful read that can capture anyone's attention." - Oliver Herschel

Rachel is currently:
Querying: The Hawthorn Throne
Writing: The Bear King
Editing: N/A
Researching: Otherworld & The Book of Enosh
Worldbuilidng: This is not a Space Western

The Hawthorn Throne - Synopsis:

The year is 589AD and the kingdom of Briton is finally stable under the rule of King Artorius. However, on the edges of Cornwall, a Saxon invasion forces two strangers into an unpredictable alliance. Riona, an accused witch, is content to fulfill her role as the local hermit. That is until she saves the life of an outcast Druid, Aidan, whose murky motivations hurl her down a path toward danger and adventure. As their compulsory journey together continues it becomes clear to Riona that her past and Aidan’s are inextricably linked. The sins of her mysterious Druidic father have left her balancing precipitously between the dying world of the Druids and the burgeoning reign of King Artor. Riona’s mere existence has made her enemies. Enemies only Aidan can protect her from, or so they would have her believe.

Buzz about The Hawthorn King: Written by R.E. Levy and Illustrated by Maddy Haynes.

“In The Hawthorn King, Levy draws heavily from both Arthurian folklore and Celtic tradition to construct a new Fantasy story from the ground up. Though it wears its influence on it's sleeve, it avoids falling into the trap of homage and route reproduction that often plagues the genre. Thoughtfully populated with it's own unique characters and mythos. An original in a sea of derivations." - Tomas

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