is creating words arranged in a manner that people find to be amusing
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what. you're not supposed to pay me yet
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i WILL write a short story every month that WILL be AT LEAST 1000 WORDS.  and YOU'LL get to tell me how much it sucks AS I WRITE IT through WIP POSTS.  THIS is a PROMISE.

you will GET TO READ the WIP POSTS that i posted BEFORE YOU GIVE ME YOUR MONEY unless you're the first person to ever GIVE ME THE CASH in which case WOAH YOU GOT BALLS




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About Remi

the words...

                                                                                                               ...will come out of my mout

HELLO!  if you're here than one of two things have happened: you are in the wrong place and you meant to find somebody else that actually makes anything worthwhile, or i've actually become acclaimed enough (at least by you) for you to consider finding information on me from this page.

if the latter is true then uh

Hello!  I am a professional that does the thing I say I do.  Which is writing.  At the time of writing.  If you want to see more of these things that come out of me which could be anything then you'll have to pay me.
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i'll write a book.  i'll write a whole god damn book and fuck i might even publish it i don't god damn know.
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