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About Backing Remmelt

Hey, I'm Remmelt.

I consult groups dedicated to effective altruism on developing shared services – to empower each of us in resolving our bottlenecks to doing more good!

From my home base in the Netherlands, I start entrepreneurial collaborations with local effective altruism communities and international charities.
Work focus as of Sep '19: tax-deductible Dutch donations, a shared task-management space, a tool for identifying group blindspots, assisting with local Dutch EA gatherings.

I like exploring and coming up with creative solutions to neglected gaps in the effective altruism community, while actively keeping myself from taking on too many at once :)  Over the last three years, I organised EA conferences and retreats, researched coordination frameworks, and launched shared online productivity and communication tools.

Back my basic living costs to free up the mental oomph I need to prioritise and refine my next services for the EA community!

Why to fund me
If you benefited from or are familiar with my work, set a donation to
  • show to general funders that my services were valuable in your local context
  • suggest how I can improve and reprioritise (see Community tab)
  • support me financially to continue building these services

I need your help to meet basic monthly expenses:
  • €500 for my room rent
  • €38 for phone+internet, €52 for health insurance, ~€75 for train travel, ~€80 for food...
Update Aug '19: just started a paid project making charities tax-deductible which gives me runway until start 2020. You can help me build a stable income stream before that. 

If a friend of yours participated in one of my events or read my writing, do inform them of this page!

Where I focus my work:
 In my work on effective altruism, I have
    Brought together complementary groups of
    Resolved altruists to...
    Ambitiously pioneer and...
    Iterate on that service they...
    Needed to overcome bottlenecks in...
    Securely, systematically solving global problems.
 nice mnemonic, right? :)

What services I built:
  • Founded:
    co-founded EA Netherlands
  • Supported:
    initiated the city group EA Groningen, set up EA Group Directory, suggested Queal EA discount form
  • Organised:
    co-launched AI Safety Camp #1, coordinated AISC3, facilitated Amsterdam AIS dinners & reading meetups, coordinated EAGx Netherlands 2018, co-organised Values to Actions Retreat, helped initiate the EA Community Health Unconference
  • Researched:
    Values to Action Chain
   See this rough list for all other projects since 2016.

Exploring now:

On the balance, I received less than €12,000 for my work between June ‘16 and Sep ‘19. You might consider setting a donation to reward past impact.

Why to not fund me
Lack of grants:
You might legitimately wonder, if my community building work is apparently so impactful to fund, why haven't CEA-affiliated grantmakers done so yet?

Short response to a complicated question:
  • I’ve successfully applied for grants for 4 retreats/conferences in the past, and received 2 private donations from community builders in London and Oxford respectively
  • I made the case for my work poorly – downplaying myself, worrying about opportunity costs and conflicts of interest, and also shoddily delaying writing up summaries of my work
  • Project grants usually involve applying with one plan, while I tended towards scrappy – a serial entrepreneur gathering volunteers to collaborate on uncharted projects that only bore fruit after moving on.
  • Non-standard methods and weak spots aside, I must have missed other reasons. For instance, certain grantmakers seemed vigilant about risky unilateral initiatives in movement building.

Other reasons:

  • If you hold a comparatively high bar for measurability
  • If you're particularly worried about how new platforms could hinder coordination
  • If you filter opportunities by track record in the for-profit sector
    (I don't have one)
  • If you prioritise global poverty or factory farming
    I led projects for and channeled donations to those two areas but I lean towards improving community coordination and long-term causes

If you dived into my work and decided to not fund, I'm curious! Email considerations I could've missed: remmelt

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