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Hey! I'm Remmelt

I consult groups dedicated to effective altruism to create shared services that resolve our bottlenecks to doing more good!

From my home base in Amsterdam, I explore creative solutions to neglected gaps within local communities and international charities.

Over three years, I led community-building teams, organised conferences and research retreats, developed decision-making frameworks, and launched online productivity tools. 

“Remmelt is one of the few people I've met who has remained consistently dedicated to advancing community initiatives in EA over the years. Despite the funding uncertainties associated with working on small projects, Remmelt has contributed countless hours to initiatives that have had a real chance of being quite impactful for EA and the world. My hope is that Remmelt and many others like him are able to keep experimenting with high-value community projects without fearing financial uncertainty.”
 – Tee Barnett, Senior Director of Growth, Rethink Charity

Why to fund me
Value to you:
If I've served you in doing good effectively, support me here to
  • show the local value of my services to central funders
  • cover my living costs so I can build more
  • give me stability and oomph to focus
  • look together for ways to improve and reprioritise
Do share if a friend valued my events or writing! 

Safety net:
  • €500 per month for room rent
  • €80 for groceries, €75 for train travel, €52 for health insurance, €38 for phone+internet...
My savings last until May 2020.

Next stage:  cover new laptop and personal assistant to get after it! 

Where I focus my work:
Mnemonic checklist:
Bring in and complement
Resolved altruists to
Ambitiously pioneer and
Iterate on the service they
Need to surpass their bottlenecks to
Safely and systematically solve a global problem.

Since Sep '19:
tax-deductible Dutch donations, task-management space, framework to identify group blindspots, local gatherings 

What services I helped built:
See this rough list for all other projects since 2016.
On the balance, I received less than €12,000 for my work between June ‘16 and Sep ‘19. You might consider setting a donation to reward past impact. 

Current focus:
  • making vetted charities tax-deductible for Dutch (large) donors [only paid project]
  • maintaining an Asana task-management space for EA charities and regional groups
  • assisting local gatherings (Amsterdam discussions/co-working, Values to Actions Fellowship, Dutch policy groups, AISC Toronto)
  • developing the Psychological Distance System, a framework for identifying group blindspots in EA

Email me or plan a call to ask about specific project outcomes.

Why to not fund me
Lack of grants:
You might legitimately wonder: 
If his community-building work is so impactful to fund, why haven't CEA-affiliated grantmakers covered his runway already?

My sense:
  • I’ve successfully applied for grants for 4 retreats/conferences in the past, and received 2 private donations from community builders in London and Oxford respectively
  • Most EA org funding came after I delegated most work on the service (estimate: €147k)
  • Funders undervalue predictably stable salaries
  • Grants usually involve applying with one 'official' project plan, while I was more the scrappy serial entrepreneur – gathering volunteers for uncharted projects that bore fruit in years after
  • I sometimes made the case for my work poorly – downplaying myself, worrying about opportunity costs and conflicts of interest, over-complicating and delaying write-ups
  • Unconventionality and weaknesses aside, I must have missed other arguments. For instance, certain grantmakers were vigilant about risky unilateral initiatives in movement building.

Other reasons:

  • If you hold a comparatively high bar for measurability
  • If you're particularly worried about how new platforms could hinder coordination
  • If you filter grantees by corporate track record (I lack one)
  • If you mostly prioritise global poverty or factory farming (I led projects for and channelled donations to both but my focus is on facilitating collective problem-solving over the long run)
  • If you look for tax-deductibility to donate efficiently (you can still skip Patreon fees with a PayPal transfer)

If you dived into my work and decided to not fund, I'm curious!
Shoot me an email with considerations I could have missed.

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$87 of $900 per month
Safety net for my living costs – to focus fully each day on creating services that solve our bottlenecks
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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