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About Rem

Hello everyone, this is Rem from DissidiaDB.

DissidiaDB is a project that provides information about all events, characters, summons and enemies available on Dissidia FF Opera Omnia, a mobile game from the Dissidia series.

I decided to launch this Pat
reon to provide another way to support the project and so I can keep working on it on my free time without worries.

For the time being, I don't have a precise idea of what to provide to Patrons but I will be growing this page along with the progress on my DB plans.

If anyone has any questions about the project, please send me a message through reddit or mention @DissidiaDB.
$279 of $300 per month
Upon reaching this stretch goal, I will dedicate more time to redesigning the whole DB project (better user-friendly features and customization options).
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