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My endless gratitude for supporting me, and access to simple sketches and WIPs that I post here.

(This tier will eventually disappear since fees make the $1 tier pretty ineffective. I will give several heads-up announcements before this happens.

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My endless gratitude for supporting me, and access to simple sketches and WIPs that I post here.


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About Julia Remy Hayes / RemyWolf

Why hello there; I see you've stumbled across my Patreon!  My name is Julia Hayes, although I go by Remy or RemyWolf online most of the time.

With this Patreon, I will strive to provide and create illustrations that my supporters might fancy.  I love to spend time experimenting with new techniques and styles to further my skills as an artist!

The more support I have here, the more time I can spend drawing things specifically for practice (including tutorials!) and fun, and the more frequently I'll be able to post (not to mention posting much more refined work)!

So...what EXACTLY will you see here?  Practice sketches of paws/expressions/body shapes/poses/etc, random doodles, WIPs, and more!  These are things that will not be available for viewing anywhere else!  In addition to this, I will now be posting the FULL RESOLUTION versions of the finished pieces that are only posted in small resolution elsewhere!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Patreon!  I am grateful beyond words to those of you who support me.  

Other places to find me:
Website: http://remywolf.com
Shop: http://remywolf.storenvy.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Remy__Wolf

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With this amount, I can cover some of my household bills per month, giving me more time to dedicate to trying out new techniques and progressing in my skill level!  
I will take a few requests via messages each month on specific species, themes, or small tutorials to post here, exclusively for my patrons!
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