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is creating Art about relationships & every day moments.
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About Renee Romero

Hello! Thank you all for visiting my Patreon. 
My name is Renee Elena Romero, and I am a visual artist using photography. 
Currently, I reside in Los Lunas, New Mexico. But Albuquerque, New Mexico is my home.
There is where I studied Photography and Arts Management at the University of New Mexico and received my BA in studio arts in 2016. Throughout my time as an artist my interests have changed often, but my work has always been rooted in my personal life and experiences from past traumas, relationships and daily life.
While my career has just begun as an artist, I've had the great pleasure of having work featured in galleries, publications, and 
The work I've made throughout my career can be found on my website

What do I create?
Habitual work has always fared well for me, so I try to have multiple projects at once. I
Last year, I took one instant photograph every day using vintage and modern polaroid cameras in an effort to make myself capture my life, and the moments that intrigue me. This project is archived on a dedicated instagram account. 
As a spouse of a Marine, I'm interested in the lives and identities of women who are married to military members, who often have little identity outside of their spouses careers. My ongoing work Spouses is a collection of environmental portraits of women I've met on the Military bases in which we've lived. 
In addition to these ongoing works I also try to photograph my daily life, my family home, and the relationships I have with my family members. 

Why do I do it?
As an artist I've always been interested in the vulnerability and truth that photography provides. 
Growing up, my grandmother always had a disposable camera with her. She photographed every moment, and after her death when I was 13 we no longer had those kinds of moments captured on film, especially years later that photographs are no longer printed in my family home, but kept on cell phones. 
In the same spirit that my grandmother held, I usually carry a 35mm camera with me to capture my world, in hopes that my experiences aren't unique to myself and can touch those who are on a similar path. 

Why become a Patron?
Recently, we relocated yet again to the opposite side of the country. 
While this is big change, I'm excited to focus more on my craft and dedicate more time than ever to my art practice, but I could use all of your help! 

As a supporter of my Patreon you will get exclusive access to my weekly blog, behind the scenes looks at my work, one of a kind prints and more!

With the monetary support I receive from my patrons I will be able to purchase film packs for my daily polaroid project, enter my work into exhibitions, print small quarterly zines of my work, and keep my websites maintained. 

I'm excited to see what content I can bring to my patrons as I refine my studio practice and continue to create work. 

Thank you for your support, and if you would like to follow along please follow me here and on instagram. 
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Once I reach my goal of $50 a month. I will create a handmade zine of 35mm film work available for patrons at the cost materials and shipping. 
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