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Hey everyone, and welcome to the relaunch of the Replay Retro Patreon account, if you're here it's probably because you're a fan of the show and because you want to support it going forward to help me make it as great as we both want it to be, so first up massive thanks to you for that.

But i think it's time for some home truths, in all honesty the channel has been let go quite a lot recently and that's not good enough, the fans (both patreon and not) deserved better, i could put it down to huge changes in my life, i could put it down to general lethargy towards the channel but those are all excuses. It's time to get back to doing what i love and bringing you a show you'll hopefully enjoy and maybe even feel like supporting again, so how is this gonna happen?

Well Season 4 is drawing to a close after the longest production schedule ever and i really want to avoid that happening with Season 5, so to make that a reality i'm planning a block of planning sessions, filming sessions and productions sessions so that i'll always be a few episodes ahead, this means there should always be regular content set to a regular schedule, i'm also going to focus on new shows to refresh my interest and keep things fresh, so watch this space guys, the channel is coming back!
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When we hit this first goal we'll launch a brand new show Replay Retro Top 5's with a brand new host, bringing you her Top 5s in a variety of categories for you to argue over in the comments section, and pledgers will help decide what Top 5's we'll be covering!
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