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Hello!! You can call me King! I've created a Patreon to supplement my financial needs such as rent, food, and college tuition. Through this site, I hope to show more original work, share fan art of my favorite books and series, and just draw more!

How it works:
You will be charged for every creation I make if it is relevant to the tier you pledge! I will not post more than 2 times a month! Certain content will be provided via dropbox links.

Future Webcomic:
I'm planning on doing a webcomic that features my boys, Ethan and Connor! You can find current content of them here. By supporting me on Patreon, you can help me bring these boys to life and you can watch the process of making a webcomic. You can help me decide on the names of characters, color schemes, and more via polls!

Message me if you have any questions! 

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♦Monthly polls to vote on my next fanart!

♦In Process Works and Sketches

♦Hi Res images  

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♣All rewards from above

♣Speed Paint Videos of my art

♣Behind the Scenes development of my webcomic!

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♥All rewards from above!

♥Access to private streams

♥Hands on interaction with my webcomic development!

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♠All rewards from above!

♠Postcards of the monthly poll winner to be shipped out to you!

♠Art Critique if so desired!

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When I reach this amount, I will start implementing physical benefits for the tiers, and adding or improving the rewards!
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