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Through your support Sarah will be able to cultivate an exclusive body and fat liberation community. She will provide:
  • Writing prompts to tell your story 
  • Support for developing resiliency
  • My experience through writing
  • A weekly video update
  • Passionate truth-telling
  • Connection with other truth seekers
  • Radical love, compassion, and courage
  • A brave space to discuss, write, and unpack everything we've been taught about bodies, because it's all wrong

Meet Sarah: Shame Slayer and Writer

Sarah Thompson is an eating disorder recovery coach, consultant, and writer based in Portland, Oregon and transplanted from Akron, Ohio. Her writing focuses on a wide range of philosophies - Body Trust®, Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, Fat Liberation, eating disorder recovery, and more. She seeks to share what she has experienced and continues to learn from her own discovery and journey with body liberation. Sarah definitely does not have all the answers, but she’s super excited to share what she has learned so far.

Even while Sarah is fat, female, and queer, she recognizes that being a working-class, white, and cis gender woman has afforded her many privileges. She strives to listen and learn from experiences that differ from hers.

She is in recovery from an eating disorder after a life-long struggle. Her recovery is what led her to become a Certified Body Trust Advocate and to become an eating disorder recovery coach.

Sarah is constantly wondering how she can contribute to healing, justice, and liberation in our world where there is constant suffering through oppression. She loves working with people who are asking these same questions! These questions have been on her mind since she was a kid and started volunteering at Hattie Larlham Foundation with children that experienced severe physical and intellectual disabilities in Northeast Ohio.

These questions only got stronger as she recognized that her sexuality was different than that of those around her and rejected by her the religion she was raised with. When police brutality against people of color was called out in Cleveland while she was living there, even more questions came to the surface. As Sarah attended medical school, she saw firsthand how often weight and health are conflated. She continues asking these really fucking important questions about healing, justice, and liberation, because she does not think she'll ever be done learning.

Sarah is an ice cream connoisseur, Grey’s Anatomy expert, avid movie buff, and lover of all of her friends’ pets.

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A real work space! I'll buy a desk and chair. I live in a studio by myself and have always worked from my futon, my floor, or my bed. It will be so dreamy to have a proper work station with a desk and comfortable seating! 

Just in case your wondering why 82 patrons, 1982 is the year I was born, and it just felt right to set my first goal to this. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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