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The Trump Administration could be a disaster for environmental protections, healthcare, immigration policy, and many rights and protections we've increasingly taken for granted. We've seen this in spades in the first year of the Trump Administration.

Calls for action to resist reversals of these rights and protections are coming out of the woodwork, and we're being deluged with explorations of how we got to where we are, what the future holds, and what the Trump Administration is doing across dozens of topic areas. In fact, there is a whole information industry out there being paid to flood us with such information.

The problem is, what will we as individuals do with all that information when it comes to our own resistance efforts? We each have limited time and resources, we're each motivated by a slightly different combination of concerns, and we have different backgrounds and abilities when it comes to playing what I'll call Resistance Chess. There may be infinite information out there, but individually we often miss that "actionable knowledge" that would help us play better Resistance Chess. Just imagine what we could accomplish, individually and collectively, with the right actionable resistance knowledge!

My partner and I have been working on "actionable knowledge" strategies for years. Our goal with this Patreon project is to take advantage of our professional experience, the hundreds of resources we've already assembled, and a software that is uniquely suited to the task of building a Resistance Chess Brain that can help you access your actionable resistance knowledge. It already links together more than 750 documents, websites, infographics, and more. It tackles key questions (e.g. do petitions work?), extracts and links key ideas from leading strategists, and much more. The software platform we're using -- called TheBrain® -- makes it possible to organize information in the many ways in which your search for actionable resistance knowledge might benefit.

Building the Resistance Chess Brain is doable, and we think it could make it easier to get access to actionable resistance knowledge that could help people better mobilize. You can access the Resistance Chess Brain here, and get a quick introduction through the video below. But there is MUCH more we want to do if there is interest in this project. What if we could save you an hour of time every week, or a day every month, while helping you be twice as effective? Let me emphasize that we're not going to set up new forums or chat rooms; those resources already exist, probably many more than you know about. We'll help you find those resources, not recreate those wheels.

Will you help by becoming a patron of our project at whatever reward level works for you? We also welcome your suggestions of how to best organize Resistance Chess Brain materials to fit your needs, and we welcome recommendations for new materials (send them to us at [email protected]). Our goal is to help YOU and others play better Resistance Chess!

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This goal demonstrates real interest in this project, and allows us to devote more time to it.  Including beginning to add interpretive videos that help pull together the messaging from multiple sources. 
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