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This will get you a Sponsorship reading on Resolve Podcast. Right now, as of January 2015, Resolve gets about 4,000 listens per episode. This has more than doubled in the past 45 days and I expect that trend to continue.

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If you've listened to any of the episodes of Resolve Podcast, you know how passionate I am about understanding the topics I cover. Since I started the podcast, the first and ongoing topic has been Apple Watch. It's been an incredible journey so far, and I've had some amazing guests. Now, I want to take a little bit further.

I'd like to purchase better audio equipment so that I can produce a higher quality podcast. This means better mics, headphones, amps, etc.

I'd also like to start paying guests. Given that they're contributing to the podcast, it's only fair that they receive some form of payment for taking the time to talk to me and provide you with an hour or two's worth of entertainment.

Of course, it would be awesome if one day I could do this as a full-time gig, but we're long ways off from that. For now, I'd like to just keep this going and make it even better.
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$350 will help me keep this going the way it is right now and make it slightly better by enlisting the help of folks who can help me produce a better podcast once I'm done recording.
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