is creating A TAROT DECK.
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About resonanteye

Currently working on a tarot deck. I'm halfway to my monthly goal right now. When i reach the goal I'll do a full sized rendering of a card that month. All subscribers at every level will be able to buy the finished deck at the end; subscribers over $5 can see the progress posts and higher level donors will get copies of their own of each card.

about me:


working on a palm tattoo.

I  paint and make pen and ink illustrations as often as I can. I sell prints and the originals.

I'd still tattoo even if I didn't have to- but I have some larger projects I'd love to work on and finish, and a few of those just can't be done with interruption. I'd use patreon money to pay bills and eat while I work on those bigger projects, so I don't have to interrupt them. I also need to replenish supplies for my work, too. The taxidermy works cost the most in materials, take the longest, and need the most uninterrupted time. (like these:

previous completed crowd funded project:
now in its third expanded edition with sixty five entries.

This video is just a time-lapse of a two hour alla prima painting I did. I don't make many videos, I usually write up my process and then post either that, or a written article explaining the piece, along with images of it in progress and finished.
49% complete
I'll do a full sized. (8x10" or larger) finished card from the tarot deck. I'll do one each month this goal is reached until I've competed a entire deck.
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