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You found me!
In case you encountered this by chance, my name is Anyssa, and I'm a Twitch Streamer and Artist. I am a community, variety streamer. Basically meaning I talk a lot and play a lot of different games! My ultimate goal is to become a bamf at concept art. So come check out the stream! I always love talking to the chat. :) Stream schedule is down below!

You can become an active supporter of my streams, videos and art! With your help through Patreon, I'll be able to devote more time to you and art! This gives me a huge excuse to give you guys goodies. 

I don't have much to offer, but I will try my best to pay you guys with entertainment, a friend, and inspiring creativity! I don't expect or assume anyone will contribute any more than simply watching and helping the community grow. I appreciate that a whoooole lot by itself. (: BUT if you feel like contributing more, it'll go back to creating more art and public videos/ livestreams! You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.

Thank you so much for your support!

Mods For Twitch
Special thanks to my mods! They deal with my shenanigans so much (X 
Joseph (applemadness23)
Craig (Ducomas)
Austin (cave_madness)

Special Humans that help me make the earrings you guys see all the time!
Feel free to hit them up and remember to tell them I sent ya xD

Goals are subject to change. Right now they're mostly there to keep me motivated. X)

I'm really new to Twitch and Patreon so I'm asking you to please be patient with me as I learn all the new things. Feel free to give me any pointers or advice while I learn. (:  
What is Patreon?
Patreon is a way to join the community and help fund the content I put out for free. Its like a subscription service for bts of all the content I do. You pay a few bucks to help support my work and I get to keep hanging out with you on Twitch/ making cool things. You become a real-life patron of my art and content. Thank you! XD

How does it work?
My Patreon page is set to charge per month. So your card will be charged at the 1st of every month. As long as everything is processed correctly, you get your physical/ digital rewards from me as a special thanks! 

What if you want to donate once, not per month?
Unfortunately, Patreon does not allow one time donations. So if you would like to donate once, become a Patron for a little bit to donate, then cancel or edit payment option anytime! 

Feel free to ask any questions or give any advice while I learn!
-Ness (: 
@Arcade Kitty Co

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0 of 25 patrons
Thanks so much for following me on this adventure! This justifies adding more exclusives for 2$ reward tier!

If we reach this many patrons, I'll add a monthly coloring challenge, where I'll provide a coloring page for you guys to print out, color and I'll feature some of them on my Instagram page! 

I'll also starting posting YouTube videos more consistently.
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