Rubí Estrada (Restradac)

is creating Drawings, paintings and illustrations

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 Thank you for being my patreon, It's totally up to you how much you want to give to support my work. For $1+ you'll receive all the downloadable rewards like coloring pages, videos,  wallpapers, etc.

I offer to you also answer all the question posible referred to the stories, paintings, illustration or technical quiestion about the technial part of the art, I dont have the best equipment but I do my best.

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Thank you for your generosity! With this tier you can save the total of your pledges for purchase any original or digital art from me. if you buy with this offer you can directly tell me what you want to save from sale, and also you get and extra merch or print from me in your goodie bag. If your total amount of pledges  is over $80 your shipment is free.
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In this pledge prices and sizes of the reward does not matter to me because I enjoy doing my studies and I like people have them. 

Every two months you get  1 original sketch in pencil or watercolor,  or an oil study (could be paper, canvas or directly in gessoed cloth),  sizes may be vary so you could get from 4x6 in to 8.5x 11 in  because that are the sizes I usually do my studies. If you choose this tier please make me know what style  you want in terms of  subject matter as:  face oil studies,  more realistic classical style, figurative fairies and or mermaids, that is for me to know what it fits better for you. 




My name is Rubí and I am here to make art. I'm inviting you to join me and become a member of my Patreon community.

But why should you support me

Because... If I could do anything, ....if money was no obstacle and you had all the time I needed...
well, since i was a kid I enjoyed being submerged on the worlds that was builded in the myths and leyends that I read in the books, besides that I remain  looove Jules Verne;  Shakespeare and  Homer. Reasons why I enjoy 90's anime too, because their worlds are builded using the mythological composicion but in more futuristic way. 
So in my world all my subjects are godesses, titans, fairies, mermaids and super heros because all of them makes me really happy because in the stories I read I was always eager to know what they are, where they live, what make their anatomy be what it is, what is their antropological and personal  background, that is what I want you to find in my art. I invite to share my passion, and if I can make you feel happy too then my goal is acomplished.

In my patreon page I want you to tell all the stories behind every piece of art that I create, and also teach you if you need and want  technical skills, because Im an art teacher too. 


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If I hit this goal, I'll be able to make a living just through Patreon, and use the extra money that I can make from teaching, making and making art to support the projects that my heart want you to have.
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