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About Renewable Systems Technology

Welcome to RST's Patreon page! My name is James Biggar. I'm a journeyman carpenter and renewable energy enthusiast living in Atlantic Canada. I started RST in 2014 to share my passion for building and renewable energy with like-minded people, and with the hope of encouraging others to develop new, useful skills that can help them join the clean energy revolution on a budget by taking a hands-on approach.

All of my projects are renewable energy related and range from solar panel and wind turbine builds to complete system installations, and can involve anything from general carpentry, electrical, and plumbing to metal fabrication, 3D CAD design, resin casting, data logging and analysis, and a lot more! Each project is also detailed in a step by step build guide that includes a bill of materials and detailed plans, so that anyone interested can build the exact same project without any guesswork. Check out the video above for a quick preview of the type of content that I produce, and visit if you'd like to learn more.

If you enjoy my work, please consider becoming a Patron. I would greatly appreciate your patronage, and offer a variety of rewards as a thank you! I love what I do and your support, in any form, helps me to do much more than I ever could on my own. Thank you!

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