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We are streamers on Twitch! To help us stream as frequently as possible until Twitch hopefully becomes our full-time job, you can become a generous patron by making a monthly pledge in whatever amount you'd like -- every dollar is much appreciated! You can cancel at any time (see the Patron FAQ for more information).

Why should I become a Patron?
You most certainly do not have to become a Patron! But if you do decide to, your money goes towards games for the stream, consoles, giveaway items, and equipment so we can make the stream better for all of you lovely people. It will also go towards funding our wedding, which we plan to stream to Twitch and/or upload it to YouTube so everyone can be involved in what they help us do! Additionally, it will help us pay for the essentials: rent, electricity, Internet, and food. You also get Patron-Only rewards (listed below) as thanks for helping support us.

When do I get my rewards?
After your first Patreon payment goes through! We will also have monthly Patron Appreciation streams to show how much your support means to us. During these streams we will be having Patron/Regular Only song requests, playing Patron-Voted games, playing games with Patrons, and thanking our Patrons individually for their ongoing support.

What if I want my donation to directly support the stream?
If you wish to solely donate to the stream, you can visit our Twitch Alerts page! Any and all donations are never expected and are greatly appreciated. <3

Can I support you in other ways?
You can find us on TwitchFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Steam! You can also check out our merchandise store!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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