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While we strive to keep Revenge of the 80s Radio as commercial-free as possible, we also do not set up a pay wall to close content to our listeners who wish to hear our weekly shows or catch up on past ones. If you love the show, the music, the conversations, the new projects from your favorite classic-alt artists and want to support Revenge of the 80s Radio's continuation and expansion, chip in, but do not feel any obligation to do so. We appreciate all of the support we get!    

Perhaps you might think of it as a subscription fee you don't actually have to purchase in order to get anything, but the provider of the subscription in question would love it if you *did* throw in a buck or so. 

We may instill some tiers/perks in the future as they come in, so feel free to come back and check in with us at any time.

Thank you kindly for listening and for your support. 




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About Revenge of the 80s

What is Revenge of the 80s Radio?

Revenge of the 80s Radio was created by host Chris Cordani to not only bring the great classic alternative music of 1977-91 to the radio and internet, we also play the new music from artists of the era, making the show a unique blend of distinctive quality classic music and current creations from favorite artists.
We also discuss the new projects with the artists; among the many guests we have had (and whose new work we feature) on Revenge of the 80s Radio are Midge Ure, Kevin Rowland, Martin Fry, Andy Prieboy, Stan Ridgway, August "Kid Creole" Darnell, Cindy Wilson, Paul Collins, Big Jim Paterson, Taco, Daniel Ash, Julie Brown and Robbie Grey.
While mainstream radio rarely offers such quality music airtime as their playlists and vision are collectively limited, Revenge of the 80s Radio continues to provide an outlet for these creations and creators with their classics.
For 10 years, Revenge of the 80s Radio has been virtually commercial-free and we want to continue to do so. We also plan to expand our radio reach and our YouTube Channel, which currently features some of our interviews, with more 80s-based and classic alternative-based content. Therefore, we have established this Patreon Channel.
While we do take part in a small amount of affiliations and accept advertising through underwriting on the air and via the website, we do not wish to inundate you with commercials hawking blenders, quick fix-its or crazy newsletters.
As we bring the music and artists to our listeners, we thank those who listen, have and would like to contribute to our expansion of the program as we move forward.
We are not charging our listeners for any of our content, which is available through several outlets (The radio show on our website, ITunes, Google Place, TuneIn, our radio affiliates and others -- and our YouTube channel) at no cost to anyone. This program is about the artists, their music and exposing their new projects, not making people give me money to hear them. I only ask you to contribute to our Patreon page if you believe we deserve some money (even as little as a buck or two) and provide excellent content to warrant it. Even then we are not demanding or forcing you to do so; this is your choice and your choice only. We appreciate that you listen and thank you for contributing if you decide.

Who is Chris Cordani?
Please allow me to introduce myself. While not a man of wealth or taste, I am a longtime radio professional who is entering the 10th year of his Revenge of the 80s Radio podcast (which is also syndicated on terrestrial/internet stations). I produce talk programs in New York City and have worked at or with major radio stations throughout New York City, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

What will you be funding via Patreon? 
Revenge of the 80s Radio will continue to bring you and all of our listeners the great classic alternative music of 1977-1991, conversations with artists of the era and their new music. We will continue to grow our playlist, which has evolved into one of the largest in radio history.
We also, as mentioned before, plan to expand. While we continue to increase our on-air presence and affiliate list, we will expand the production of video content on our YouTube channel (complete with interviews, fun lists and some 80s-era special videos). Contributions will be re-invested into the show and expansion.
We also plan to provide tour information on our website,
As for expansion, Revenge of the 80s Radio will soon be the centerpiece of a podcast hub and/or streaming station featuring an eclectic array of programs (not all 80s-oriented, but we do hope you will enjoy). I am in talks with a number of potential content creators who will be taking part. I will continue to provide details as we move forward. 
Might we also create a full internet radio station for Revenge of the 80s Radio? That would be the alternative to the outlet I described in the last paragraph.
As for perks, I do not want to withhold content just to squeeze money out of anyone, so I am not starting out with a tiered program as even a buck or two is appreciated kindly as a "thank you" for providing content you enjoy and bring you some music you will not hear virtually anywhere else.
As the weeks and months move forward, we may install some interesting rewards, so please continue to come back and check in with us. In the meantime, thank you for listening.

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