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INVADING THE GLYPHOSATE CHEMICAL PLANT IN CANCER ALLEY.  Trespassing is a crime of necessity within a social movement that creates real change.  Trespassing while singing is our theory of change.  We get that from the Civil Rights Movements and ACT UP.  We are the activist troupe with a dozen songs about earth justice and extinction...  original songs tested by choral presentations in places like the lobby of JPMorgan Chase and the ditch of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the sidewalk in front of the police station in Ferguson, Missouri.  Probably because we get arrested, we are not successful with foundations, and depend on individual supporters, which is good.  Earthalujah!

You might ask, "Is this a political rally?"  "Or a comedy about a televangelist with big hair?"  "Or is this some sort of actual Earth Church?"
     Founded 17 years ago by Savitri D and Bill Talen, the community of 40 activists-who-sing still risks arrest together, and then create songs from their experiences.  They are never far from their core belief, that Consumerism, the cultural arm of Capitalism, steals our free expression and uses it to hypnotize and monetize and kill.  Our flamboyant actions in Chase lobbies and Monsanto labs, for Black Lives Matter or at Standing Rock - our dancing concerts are guided by the Earth in her crisis. 
     People wonder how the singers in this many-races-genders-and-ages choir got to know each other.  It's as if the riders on the A Train one day decided to harmonize and try to end the isolation of the Lefty political groups -- to bring everyone back together on a wave of joyous song.  Does that sound romantic?  You have to give it to get it.
     We traded in the God of Judgement for the Goddess of Justice.  We pray to the Earth, and find miracles when our concerts take us to such places as the hollowed-out summit of Kayford Mountain in Coal Valley, West Virginia.  And yet the environmental movement doesn't help us imagine these new forms of protest.  It is the genius of the Civil Rights Movement, and ACT-UP.  We say outright - the Earth is speaking to us in the flood and fire.  And sometimes in the crescendo of our song, we feel the meaning of her storms.  Earthalujah!
Our Holy Rollers donate $2 (or more) per month. If you prefer to make a one-time gift, click here. You can contribute by check by sending your contribution to us at PO Box 1556, New York City, New York, 10013. Here's our Gratitude Song.

It's hard to sum up our work.  We keep trying.  

"Humor and music at the End of the World" ....a good one.

"His collar is fake.  His calling is real."   ....that's from the author Alisa Solomon.
"We are Earth-loving urban activists who protect bees, oppose police brutality and create dramatic actions to inspire Climate Change Activism."  Well, maybe that came from a press rep friend.

Tell us about how you sum up your activism!

We also put on a great live show, which is formed from the direct actions that we share.  We are artists-in-residence at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater in New York City.  Our holiday run is from Thanksgiving into the new year...

Earth-alujah! Life-alujah!

$2,368.17 of $3,000 per month
We will enter the Fabulous Unknown with your monthly Holy Roller donations. We need your financial help so Rev and our sultry singing-activists can make more music and more Non-violent Dramatic Actions. 
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