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We produce a few podcast, our main one being RevFit Radio is a interview based show, hosted by our Executive Director Shawn Garcia. Each week Shawn gets the opportunity to speak to members of the health, fitness and wellness community on an array of different topics.

Not only do you get to hear from some of the leaders within our community on their perspectives and philosophies but you get it all from a community based perspective. Very different from other health and fitness podcast out there because we are talking about issues that effect every day working people and the struggles our communities are dealing with.

The production team for this podcast and our other shows is 100% volunteer based and we are dedicated to providing free weekly shows for as long as possible. We need support for our efforts though. We have a few monthly expenses and we are looking to develop a fully functioning recording studio in the Bronx in 2015. We'd also like to eventually develop a paid staff to support the growth of our show and develop even more content for folks.
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Our work is based out of the South Bronx, the bronx is the poorest county in the U.S. and thus the community in the most need of the services and education we provide. We want to create a space in the Bronx to support the artistic content we are developing with our current Podcast and to also support the development of future podcast that are related to Health Justice, Fitness Justice, Environmental Justice and Food Justice. All our shows are produced by members of the community and trained on all software and equipment by us on a 100% volunteer basis.
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