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All patrons get access to behind-the-scenes material such as design documents, screenshots, concept art, and more which are releaser on a weekly basis.

Patrons will also have the option to be included in the credits of the game released that month.

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Hey there!

I'm Bruce and I've committed to make a video game every month.

My first game came out in 2010: Madness Retaliation, a turn-based tactics game made in Flash that you can play here. I'm currently making the sequel which will be released in August 2019.

I also have a top-down action adventure game (think Zelda: A Link to the Past) that has been in development for over a year. This will be my September 2019 release.

There are so many games I want to make, and for that I need your support.

What is this Patreon for?

Developing a game requires:
- Design
- Coding
- Graphics
- Music and sound
- Testing
- Publishing

At the moment, I do all of this myself. With Patreon support, I can do this full time. I can also use the money to contract artists and developers to help me make better, bigger games. In the future, I'd also like to purchase equipment and licenses necessary to produce games for platforms other than the PC.

How can I play your games?

To play these games, all you'll need is a web browser that can handle Unity Web Player. For now, games will be released FREE to the public via, Newgrounds, and other websites that support Unity games. If necessary, I will release Stand-alone installers for PC.

Free? Why don't you just sell the games?

I want games to as accessible as a video on Youtube or songs on Soundcloud. I want as many people possible to be able to play and enjoy my games. There are so many creators that use Patreon to create shows, articles, and music, I figure that I can do the same thing for video games.

Also, I want to make a LOT of games. I don't want to spend 5 years working on a single "Triple-A" video game. I want to create and iterate quickly so that I can produce better, more interesting experiences that just aren't being served on the market.

What rewards do I get as a patron?

There's only one patron tier for now but this may change as I think of things that I can offer as rewards. Patrons will get behind-the-scenes looks of my production. I'll release design documents, screenshots, concept art, and more on a weekly basis. Patrons will also be included in the credits for the game released that month (with your permission of course).

Will your games always be free?

Games that are created with funds from this Patreon will always be free. If I am contracted to work on outside projects, I will not charge patrons for as many months as I am engaged. If I ever decide to create a game that I want to sell, I will make sure it is funded separately and if needed, temporarily shut down this Patreon. Transparency is important to me.

I want to make good games. I hope you'll join me for the ride.

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