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Hello my name is Ryan Waddy, I'm a artist and a graphic designer. I always love comics especially manga. I always enjoy watching cartoons on channels like cartoon network or Nickelodeon in which influence me to become an artist/illustrator.Growing up I was a BIG FAN of Dragonball Z, Akira, and Cowboy Bebop, but I also love western comics like Batman, TMNT and Spiderman. I love both spectrum from Manga to western comics, so I thought it would be great to combine the two in which VOLCANO DRAGONS is born!

I always wanted to create a story for this generation to inspire others to just the way comic books and novels inspired me. Volcano Dragons will deal with issues going on in today. The story will be filled with Action,Drama and comedy something for people of all ages to enjoy.

I also have a clothing line called "Invaders Clothing". Invaders Clothing is a sci-fi theme brand that I have been working on for a couple of years now. Invaders has been in various web shows gathering the exposure of the apparel. Having a clothing is tough lol especially if you're the only person who is putting up money for events or products. In 2015 I disbanded my partners in the clothing line and now I'm going solo.

I'm on Patreon, because making a graphic novel do not generate enough profit to create the book and let alone allow me to do it for a living. With your help I know this story will be something special. I always want to continue to grow and expand, whether it be upgrading equipment, having more apparel etc... I definatly appreciate if anyone would look at my work and I love critques.

All images and trademarks are copyrighted by Ryan Waddy
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