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About Rewatchability

Welcome to Rewatchability, where we re-watch old movies and TV shows to see if they hold up when viewed through modern lens, and to decide, once and for all, if they are rewatchable. Over the last seven years we've exposed Look Who's Talking for the scientologist propaganda it is, beefed with the pretenders to the Rockapella throne and referenced Die Hard at every conceivable opportunity, all in the name of entertainment!

We've been featured on the A.V. Club, and played on CBC's Podcast Playlist and have released over 300 episodes. The last thing we want to do is charge money for something we love doing, but as we grow so do the costs. 

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Love our podcast but not sure what to do with your eyes? If we reach $1000 in monthly donations we will begin producing Rewatchability as a video podcast on YouTube. It'll be like Public-Access Television but with slightly less-horrific looking hosts!
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