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About Rebecca Lynn Scott

Hi, I'm Rebecca Lynn Scott, an Hellenic polytheist and member of the Starry Bull Bacchic Orphic tradition. Eschatology and the afterlife are very important in our tradition, but so far we've had no rituals of death. Nothing for the dying, nothing for the newly dead, nothing for the bereaved. So I spoke up and said, "We need these things." I was told, "Yeah, we really do. Thanks for volunteering!" So here I am, rewriting death for my tradition.

I'm working on a book of rituals, many of which will be usable by any Hellenic polytheist, and can be adapted to other traditions as well. Some of them will be specific to my own Starry Bull tradition, of course, but I hope that people will find those interesting, too.

I blog about the process of researching and writing at Rewriting Death. Proceeds from the Patreon go to funding my research, because books cost money, and I don't have much. I'll be posting sections from the book to the patron feed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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