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About R.F. Hurteau

I am no one of consequence, though I hope to be.  I have ever been, and shall be unto my dying breath, a creator of new worlds.  Life right now is a balancing act of raising five youngsters and writing.

I am currently working on a science fiction series and have just begun to dip my toe into the chilling waters of the publishing world.  As I continue on this harrowing journey, forging ahead with a story that is begging to be told while battling through the hurdles of getting recognized in the industry, I would love to invite you to join me.  Should you deem me worthy of your time, I humbly request that you support my coffee addiction with a small offer of patronage.  My intention here is to offer exclusive content for my patrons as well as first looks, sneak peeks and insights into what I'm up to!

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