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Duelyst MS Paint Masterpieces
per month
Each week I'll draw and post 2 Duelyst characters drawn in my own special MS Paint style. Patrons will vote on which characters will be drawn each week!
Deck Tech
per month
Each week patrons at this tier will have a chance to vote for which deck I will make a deck tech on. Over the course of the week I will play and tune the archetype and then write an article on the deck. Deck techs will first be available on my patron and then after a week will be uploaded to Duelyst Central for others to see.

This tier also gives you access to the MS Paint drawings/voting.
Discounted Coaching
Limited (15 remaining)
per month
I also coach! With this tier you'll get 1 hour of free personal coaching each month and additional hours will only charge you $7.50/hour. (Down from my normal $15 an hour) My available hours are very flexible and I'm happy to help people of all skill levels an am happy to coach in any area of the game!

This tier also gives you access to viewing/voting on deck techs and MS paint drawings.



About RHacker93

Hi folks, I'm RHacker93 and I'm a Duelyst player turned competitive player turned streamer turned tournament/event organizer. I've recently spearheaded the creation of the Meltdown League. I really enjoy developing Duelyst content and putting together events for the community to take part in however it takes a lot of time to plan publicize and run these things and so I'm hoping to use patreon as a small source of income to help providing the community with ongoing events. Most of my patron tiers are going to be access to exclusive forms of Duelyst content and I thank everyone who is willing/able to help support me support our happy little community. 

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