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About Rhett Roberts

Hey there! My name is Rhett Roberts.  First of all thank you SO much for visiting my Patreon page!  I am an avid musician and I love singing. My channel consists of barbershop/acapella songs and cello covers that I have done.

Where your money goes:

As I reach my goals I will consistently be updating my recording and video equipment.  I want to bring my best content to all of my viewers.  My ultimate goal is to have an entire production team that I go through to bring the highest quality content to all of you! 

My promise to my Patrons:

I will continue to bring you nothing but the absolute best production and effort that I have since the first time you ran into some of my work on Youtube. I will be releasing a video every 10-18 days (about two a month…sometimes more, sometimes less.) If you're concerned about going over your budget, there's an easy way to set a monthly maximum for yourself when you're entering your payment info.

I do all my work myself from
 recording, editing, shooting video, more editing and final mastering.  It's a lot of work roughly 12-15 hours from start to finish per video.

You can support me per month for as little as $1 per video.
Patreon is simple and easy to support my music.  With ever dollar donated, I can further my productions in an upward manner to provide better content and music.

                           Check out my levels of donations for some sweet rewards!-------------------------->

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay in US Dollars? NO - Pay in any currency! As this is US based website, everything is written in Dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

How many music videos will you release a month?
Around two (max four) videos every month. Maybe more, maybe less. Don't worry though, as you can set a monthly maximum when you sign up so that you never donate more that you can afford. :)

I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron?
Yes, please only sign up to donate what you can easily afford. Even $1 per music video I upload will make a huge difference and would be greatly appreciated. :)

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yes of course! If you can't afford to donate in the future, or you need to donate less that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want

Examples of my work

I am so excited to finally have a Patreon to connect with patrons and fans from across the globe.  With the help of Patreon, I can improve my video quality and equipment with the funds you guys give me.  There will be many milestone goals for all of you and special prizes and promotions within those goals which all of you will have access to!

$37 of $50 per Video
Once, we reach a combined total of $50 per video, I'll be releasing a special new song set for my next album (not set to release for another year) for just my patrons to download :)
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