Rhiannon Fontana

is creating Fiction, novels, short stories, poems etc

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When Rhiannon was six years old she wrote an eight page story and fell in love with the art of writing. When she was sixteen a little voice came to her in class. The voice was Andy Martin and she hasn't shut up since. 
At eighteen years old Rhiannon was diagnosed with Endometriosis and thought her life might be over. She spent four years attempting to do what she was supposed to and work a normal job but her health only got worse and she was forced to stop. She stopped everything until she was twenty-three years old when, after eight years, she completed her first novel. From the moment her fingers typed the last words she felt a weight lift. She could do this, she could write and she could do it well. 
She created this account to start a community where both creators and lovers of all things fiction could come together. Where she could be supported while she works. Where she can connect and share her work with like minded individuals. 

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