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About Rhomany

Welcome to my Patreon

Hi, I’m Rhomany, a mixed media artist, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and journal keeper. I'm also a witch, specialising in divination, astrology and tarot. I work intuitively, not from prescribed lists of correspondences and I can show you how to do the same, within your own tradition. I can also show you how you to translate this into interesting journaling, art and study concepts, to create a Book of Shadows* that's as unique as you are.

I'm excited you've found my Patreon and hope to share some Witchy Wisdom and Crafty Creations with you.  I also have a Ning site with a great community atmosphere, chat forums, image galleries and more!

  • All tutorials are LIVE! interactive and available for replay later.
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  • Additional free content is available at rhomanysrealm.org.uk.
  • $15+ Patrons also get lifelong access and downloadable content via Ning

A few things we're working on in 2019:
  • Wheel of the Year ongoing mixed media project
  • Astrological Houses, Transits & monthly Pagan planning
  • Making Books (ageing papers, DIY inks & bookbinding)
  • Divination Methods (Tarot, Tasseomancy, Oracle etc)
  • Ongoing large canvas (or another project of your choice)
  • Art tutorials in classical figures, drawing animals and mixed media techniques.

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*We use the term BoS in class, which can stand for many things; Book of Shadows, Book of Spirit, Book of Study, Book of Spirituality... you choose what works for you.

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Working Towards:

  1. I really want to start my podcast (those who've been here a while know about this already) but to do so I need to get a decent mic. Once I do, I'll be able to get started!
  2. Upgrading the storage volume for images on Ning from just 1gb to 10gb - more upload space for all members!
Every single penny helps, trust me. Thank you all so much! 

Your cumulative subscriptions have
already helped me to reach several goals!

We've Got Interactive Chats

We now have Zoom capability for live chats, which means you guys can not only text chat but also optionally be on video and/or audio! It's multi-platform so you can ask questions in the moment without the frustration of lag, as share your own work with the group live too.

I've Upgraded The Website

Higher tier patrons benefit from the extra capability of the Ning site, and everyone gets to have a private forum, where we can chat about all sorts of stuff, share links and images and more!

The Miss Maddie Mobile #Funded <3

You have helped me to buy and maintain a car, which makes life with mobility issues and long work hours so much easier! Now I spend less time on buses and more time making content!

Equipment Upgrades #Funded <3

You have helped me to upgrade my computer, camera &  lighting equipment and software, most of which was over 10 years old! Faster video processing and the ability to stream reliability means more content for you!
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