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Mp3 download of every cover song and own music that I've recorded and will keep recording in the future
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DOWNLOAD all songs in Lossless format and also backing tracks without lead bass or guitars and without vocals (depending of how each cover was made of).
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DOWNLOAD all songs in Lossless format and also backing tracks without lead bass or guitars and without vocals (depending of how each cover was made of).

ADD ME on my social media profiles, so we can chat and share anything about music.

BE ON MY VIDEOS!  Oh yeah, your name will appear on the credits of my next video, I will thanks you for being my supporter.



About RiBassMad

Hello friend, my name is Hector, I am a Venezuelan bass player who lives very far from home (Asia :P) working as musician in bars and gigs everyday. As you can imagine, I am constantly recording and learning new music, covers and self productions that I need for my job, and the part that I like the most? I love it!!.

I am a full time father of two beautiful girls and also have a wonderful wife who always supports me in all the crazy things I've done, so they're also my engine to keep making music and, if I can get some revenues doing what I love, is freakin' purrrfect :)

So, I like to be always connected with the people, so this is a great way to get my fans connected and supporting what I do, so I can keep doin' songs and videos. All pledgers will also have access to downloads and other stuffs before anyone else.

In my socials sites, you will enjoy of all my videos and music made all by myself, audio recordings, mix, edition, renders and mastering. Also I would like to share with you some of my hobbies, experiences and day by day living as a rocker daddy hahaha...

So here's the deal, supporting me per video with one dolar, you can download all songs in mp3 format for all songs that I've recorded and other ones that I will upload in future in one unique link. You will not pay for previous songs/videos, only for those since the day that you sign up.

Supporting me by 2$, you will also have all my songs in Lossless format, backing tracks without the leads and others without leads and voices so you can play and sing along. How to play these songs will be on my youtube channel.

If you supporting me with 5 bucks, you will get the full pack, containing all my covers in Lossless format, backing tracks without voices, backing tracks without leads, and you can also add me to any of my personal social media profiles, this way we can chat and know each other, I really like to have friends around the globe. In this case, just let me know that you come from patreon, and we'll be connected.

PSDT: All right, I just added another extra on 5$ support, all those who support me with this five, I'll add your name in credits part of the next video ;)

Thank you so much for your support, Rock on!!!
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