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is creating electronics testing and how-to-repair videos
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About [RiceIsForDinner] Trent Denison

Rice Is For Dinner all started after countless people came to me with wet cellphones in rice, all saying the same thing, "The rice didn't help, can you?". I was working as a registered nurse and repairing phones on the side at the time. One day, a colleague made a generalized statement about how someone should make a PSA about how rice does nothing for wet electronics. BOOM, a light bulb epiphany moment went off in my head and riceisfordinner.com was born.

For the first several months, I was writing new content and publishing how-to videos related to wet electronics restoration, but simply writing articles and producing videos is very time consuming with little to no reward without a large following. The website gets between 3,000-5,000 unique visitors per month and the YouTube channel is currently sitting at around 3,000 subscribers with between 100-200 new subscribers per month. This is slow growth! Slow enough that I can't dedicate the time I'd like to into project, and thus, for the foreseeable future, growth will likely remain slow.

That's where you come in! If every one of my subscribers donated just $1.00/month, I could stop the other things I'm currently doing and focus on producing more electronics repair/testing/how-to videos and improve the content by spending more time in the editing process and voice-over. Until now, all of my videos have been done in real-time, as it happens with no script and no second takes. This can yield boring, long videos without highlighting important aspects. Recently, I bought Adobe Premiere Pro and a high-end microphone for editing and voice-over. Future videos will be dramatically improved. However, my old computer with an i3 processor doesn't handle Premiere Pro, or any editing software well, increasing how much time I have to spend in post-production. 

Your donations will provide new hardware and tools to improve video style and content. For now, I'm just asking for $1.00 a month from anyone willing to support Rice Is For Dinner and its content. In the future, I'll add other levels for a variety of prizes, drawings, and custom video requests.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Once this goal is met, I'll upgrade my computer to speed up and improve video editing. At that point, I'll start accepting requests for how-to-do-this videos and you can send me the device and I'll make a how-to video and return the repaired device (for free), or I'll acquire the same device you have a problem with and replicate that problem, then solve it on video for your viewing education.
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