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My name is Richard Prayoga and i am the owner of RPProductions.
For the past 2 years, i have constantly put up content on my YouTube channel about Singapore Dance Scene.

Why Singapore?

Because Singapore is where i first learnt to dance and i fell in love with it!

And why do i choose to start documenting dance?
Because there are so many unexposed talent in this small red dot and if i have the capabilities to showcase it to the world, why not?

As of March 2016, I have already uploaded 2,400 videos. That is quite a lot. I have no idea how did i do that either.

One thing for sure! My love for dancing and film making are the things that keep pushing me to create a better content for my viewers especially dancers!

To give a better viewing experience is my drive for YouTube and i do hope this Patreon platform can help me achieve the things that i thought i could not!

If you can't donate, you can always help me in many ways like sharing this page to your friends!
Thanks guys!

- Richard Prayoga

$33 of $360 per A 360 Video Camera
Watching a dance battle in a video and in the real world are very different experience. It is definitely better to be able to go to the event, give support to the dancers/organizers and experience it live.

But what if there are some difficulties that prevent us from going to the event? e.g clash of events, sick, the event is too far from your hometown or you do not have enough money to go for the event. Feel sucks to miss out on a good event right?

But then again, what if we can bring closer the experience of watching a live battle closer with the advancement of technology? Yeah i'm talking about 360 degrees video.

It appears that no one has really done a 360 degrees video for dance event and maybe i could be the first one to create something new! Just to let you know i don't really care about being the first, my drive for YouTube is to give the best viewing experience for my viewers and i just have this feeling that this can bring watching a dance battle video to the next level. Especially if you own a VR headset /Google cardboard woot!

If i could get the money, i would get a Ricoh Theta S because as far as i know, this is currently the most promising 360 video out there in the market.

So yeah... That's about it.
Can you help me?
Any number of donation is equally great for me

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
- Richard Prayoga (RPProductions)
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