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About rickoLus

I've been writing and recording music for twenty three years. Over that time, I've amassed a ton of recordings that no one (or very few people) have ever heard. A mountain of songs, sleeping in boxes in my closet, composition books on my shelf and old hard drives on my computer. Some of these songs were made before the internet gave artists the power to release their own work. Other songs were a part of albums that I made then shelved because I'm impatient and wanted to start working on another album. And some of them are songs that were made in between albums, or didn't really fit on albums. The point is, every album I've ever released is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to the story of rickoLus that has never been told.

The main purpose of starting this Patreon page is to give my fans the opportunity to hear this music and this story. From the humble beginnings of a fourteen year old recording on a cassette 4-track in his bedroom to the multi faceted artist I am today. It's also a way to create a more direct connections with my fans. Your support through Patreon is going directly to me, no label, no middle man. When you become my patron you are supporting what I'm doing daily and helping me write, record and tour even more.  Which is wicked awesome!
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With $500 a month I would be able to fund all up coming releases and tours not to mention upgrade my recording studio. This amount would all be going towards funding new endeavors and projects, the more I make here the more work I can produce. 

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