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-= Stock Digital Imagery =-

Night lapse photography (Stars/Clouds/Beach/Moon etc)
Wildlife (Flora & Fauna)
Sunsets and Rises (Florida Style)
Time Lapse Photos (Daytime)
Whatever else is Cool, to me anyway and hopefully you!
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My Patrons will enjoy direct download access to my entire archive. Raw, unedited photography, video's of nature and technical how to's, time lapse of both day and night from Florida. Eventually travel with me in HD. Coming soon!

I have released some free footage for samples. They are all linked to my YouTube Channel. Please enjoy!

By becoming my Patron, you will enable me to have more time for creativity. This will benefit you - if you like my work - AND if you bring friends, bones will be thrown in the next tier for the first 100 Patrons. Loyalty rewarded!

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100 Patrons = unlock Tier 2. If donations exceed the minimum it is possible I may open it sooner. The first 100 Patrons will get Tier 2 access for the same price as Tier 1 for as long as you remain a Patron! 

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