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This only works out to a couple of ¢ per video I release but your gratuity goes a long way in helping the channel grow 

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- Exclusive Early Video Releases

- Exclusive Extended Video Edits

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Your 10 buck injection is a big deal to me and will get these creative juices flowing & also help pay for fuel and travel expenses. 

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Firstly, Introductions.

Welcome to my Patreon account where together we embark, document and film EPIC mountain bike adventures, create stories and put them out for the world to experience the life outside the box. 

My name is Wayne Schell, I am a Cape Town Based Mountain Biker, adventure vlogger & filmaker.

Why Patreon?

Progression, It's all in the name of progression.

My YouTube channel has been self funded & without the financial backing and the manipulation corporations have over our content. It has now reached a point where some financial backing will be a huge help & benefit which, in turn, allows me to film the best adventure videos and create content that is engaging & entertaining for you, my friends, to watch. I would prefer to keep the freedom, stay out of the box and therefor turn to the public for funding to help create great, honest videos.

Video creation unfortunately ain't cheap, especially Mountain Bike video creation. Expenses for bike maintenance, products to review, travel expenses & hospital bills all add up at the end of the day.
With your help, together WE can make a good channel a GREAT channel.

What's in it for you?

You, my friends become my sponsors & sponsors get special & exclusive privileges
Here you'll find Patron exclusive early first draft releases, longer videos, bonus videos and reviews which are more in depth than the video's I release on the standard YouTube Platform.

2 New exclusive, extended cut videos airing every week before the rest get to watch.

Special Q & A's - You receive a direct line to me, any questions asked by yourself will be swiftly answered.

Your contribution leaves a mark & your pledge will directly help every video creation. For this, all my Patrons who are members at the time of the video editing stage will have their names  added to the end credits of my videos (subject to membership on time of video editing). Descending from top to low subscription tier levels. Don't worry, I won't display the amount you pledged, only your name. If you would like to remain anonymous, no problem. Drop me a message and I'll keep you out of the credits.

You'll get a heads up on upcoming adventures, events and meet ups. If I am in your area we can definitely do rides together.

The personal bond. Exclusive vlogs and content allow you to get to know the man behind & in front of the lens better.

For as little as a couple of cents per episode you can help a fellow rider, friend & filmmaker create content that is not only entertaining but literally has you stamp on as you have directly contributed to the creation of your & my videos.

My Pledge to you.

I pledge to be open, honest & completely transparent to all you, my friends & Patrons.

All funds raised, I mean 100%,  will go toward the creation of these videos for you to enjoy.

I will keep stepping the videos up whenever I can and create THE best content & bring you along on these adventures we embark on.

I will be open minded & willing to make sacrifices for the creation of better content. 

For you, I will go to the ends of the Earth

Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. 

10 - reached! patrons
Next stop, 25 Awesome & amazing Patrons.

Help this fellow rider get there by spreading the word about my Patreon page.

Once we reach 25 I'll be able to start jacking this channel up a little more and get some proper merch available.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 220 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 220 exclusive posts

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