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About Right Brain Liaisons

Meditation is training for the mind, a tool to enable us to increase calm, balance and clarity in everyday work and life. Meditation is not about becoming anything different, it is about being okay with what is. "You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." Jon Kabat-Zinn

Regular meditation and mindfulness practice is empirically and scientifically proven to improve mental, emotional and physical health, reduce stress and busyness of mind, increase creativity, focus and effectiveness and connect to higher states of consciousness, among many other benefits.

Like training for the body or tuning up the car, meditation is training for the mind, our most valuable tool and asset. As little as five minutes a day can transform your life.  

Right Brain Liaisons is here to support and empower you to kickstart or deepen your meditation journey. Don't delay. We've never met a person who has regretting learning to meditate or integrating practice into routine life. 

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