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About Righteous Reptiles

Hey I'm Bryce!!
I'm just a kid living in Africa with a huge passion for the unloved animals, like snakes and most reptiles. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING TO SUPPORT ME!!

Here's what I do.... Obviously I've got a passion and love for all animals and that bleeds through in everything I do. One of my biggest goals is to bring YOU closer to nature and just totally fall in love with it, whether that's by helping you provide the best possible care for your own animals or by giving YOU an unforgettable up close animal experience through video. Yes i do make mistakes!! That's why we are here to learn form each other. My motto is ( Learn Explore Inspire ) and that's exactly what I plan on doing!

Well honestly I LOVE teaching everyone about reptiles and other animals! I really want my content that I create to be free to ANYONE but there are costs involved in bringing great content, like gas/petrol to get to awesome places to film. Gear... gosh camera gear is expensive and tends to break on adventures, especially when animals are involved! So you would be helping me get to places to film as well as to keep the reptile room going, digital costs hopefully will also be covered because editing software music and a bunch of other stuff sadly costs. PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT ME IF YOU CAN'T!! I will Still create awesome videos for you no matter what.
If you believe in what i'm doing and want to help that reach EVERYONE this is for you!! If not all you need to do is subscribe for an adventure! 
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