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Riichi-Nomi Contributors
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The entry level contributors. We all need to start somewhere, but hey, every bit counts! This tier helps us continue to do the simple contents below:

- Translating the latest blogs from Japanese Pros and Organizations

- Social Media contents

Sankyuu (Thank You/3900) Contributors
per month
This is the next 3-Han level tier! If we can have you help us out with $5 a month, we will continue to do what we do best, and will throw in a couple special stuff towards you:

- Everything in the Riichi-Nomi Tier

- A Special "Riichi Mahjong Central" car decal

- One personalized translation of a source of your choice every week (ex. Tweets from a specific pro player or organization, etc)

Mangan Contributors
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Oh wow! Mangan!? By helping us out with $10 a month, we will be able to do bigger projects, and get a little creative with what we can send you:

- Everything in the Sankyuu Tier

- One Riichi themed shirt of your choice from our store

- Priority access to a our completed work




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About Riichi Mahjong Central

Hello! We are Riichi Mahjong Central. A group that focuses on providing riichi mahjong content to the English community.

As many groups throughout the United States provide content, most of us focus on gameplay or increase the member count. We know, we have been there...

We also know, that it is extremely difficult to organize a group gathering for gameplay AND provide contents online at the same time. Yes, passion will be the motivation at first, but at some point, the contents tend to become secondary... Again, we have been there ourselves.

Then we asked ourselves what the "problem" was.

We wanted both. We wanted to run our group meetings and gameplay. We wanted to increase the player base. We wanted to promote riichi mahjong at big events. We wanted to translate content. We wanted to make videos and live streams. The list goes on. I am pretty sure we all thought of at least one of them at some point in our mahjong journey.

The "problem" was that we were unable to sustain both gameplay and content creation on a consistent basis. We tend to focus on gameplay, as it should. It's only natural, because it is the game we all fell in love with.

Then we asked ourselves what WE could do.

The answer was simple. Or at least to a certain degree.

We need a group that focuses on content creation. That comes first. Then gameplay.

We also need a community that is willing to help out the content creators. Whether it be bringing your individual talent to the table as content creators, or as someone who is willing to financially help out.

Can you translate? Can you draw animation? Can you write stories? Can you program? Can you design shirts?

We can all bring something to the table. And we want you to.

We also want to pay you for your work.

This is a new movement. This is an experiment. This is something that (we hope) will benefit the overall community in the future if we can all envision this concept.

As the M. League (The first professional mahjong league that pays the players as professionals) was announced in Japan, we thought why can't we do the same, but with content creation?

Eventually we want to see a similar professional leagues like this in the United States, but in the meantime, we can start making mahjong a profession by providing content, and getting paid to do it.

Please help us make this a reality. If you can help out by being part of the content creation team, or helping the creators out with as little as a dollar a month, we will make this happen.

Thank you.
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