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About Rikhaven

I am just a simple guy that loves to play the guitar. Although the path I follow in life took me a little bit out of the musician world, every single opportunity I can seize to play the guitar, I just go for it. Recently felt a big nostalgia by listening to the full discography of SOAD, so that I decided to cover all of their songs. Started on Toxicity, then Mezmerize. Now I am finishing Hypnotize, but I also did some covers of their rarities. Between Mezmerize and Hypnotize I stopped to do cover the entire SOB album "Dictator". Now I want to keep on SOAD and finish that task that I propose to myself to do, mainly because is the band I love the most and I love to explore every detail that were recorded on the original songs. When I finish that what will I do? Well, that's a good question, but every suggestion is welcome. Cheers!
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If I reach 1000 patreons, I'll come up with tabs and tutorials for SOAD and SOB songs once a week!
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