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About Riku Silver

Let’s fly forwards together!

Welcome to my Patreon Page!
I began making song covers in July 2014, as a fun way to express myself. I typically sing covers of anime, vocaloid and video game music. I also love to make remixes and video edits to go along with these songs. With this page, and the help of some amazing Patrons, I hope to take the next leap forwards in my musical journey!!! 

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a service you can use to help support your favorite artists and musicians, while earning some awesome bonuses for your support! By becoming my Patron, you're pledging to give a set amount of money each month for me to use in my work. Non-Patrons will still be able to see all of my youtube covers once they're posted, so don’t worry about missing out if you can't become one!

Why Patreon?
Ever since I’ve started youtube, I’ve had huge ideas for what I have wanted to create for our channel. Using Patreon pushes me a step closer to the vision I would love to show you through song covers!  Having a budget to be able to spend on videos, allows me to commission people to assist with this in areas I specialize less in. For example getting a nice piece of art for a cover or hiring someone to help with mixing the audio to improve the quality of a cover. 
$14 of $50 per creation
I will make a video with a simple pv every couple of months, and thank all of my current patrons (in every price range) at the end of them.  Also I'll set up a discord server for the channel! 
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