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If you like the content I produce, this is the best way to support me. Everything I make goes out on the internet for free, so think of this like a monthly tip jar. These recurring tips allow me to keep making videos and living my life.

To be clear, there is no Patreon-exclusive content here, so you don't receive anything for becoming a Patron (aside from my grattitude). The purpose of this Patreon is just so that if you want to support me making free content, you can. 😊

I can't make a monthly commitment, but I still want to support you!
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What if I can’t afford to be a Patron?

My videos are and always will be free for everyone! This is a completely optional way of helping me out.

But even $1/month would be super appreciated, and you can cancel at any time! Though if you can't afford to support me right now, don't worry about it! I still really appreciate you. 💕
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If you tip $1 or more a month, you can comment on my videos here on Patreon rather than on YouTube (because all my videos are cross-posted here soon after they go live).

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If you tip $5 or more a month, occasionally I post little extras here on Patreon (for example: polls, questions, my video schedule) that you will be able to see and comment on.

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If you tip $20 or more a month, I will list your name in the "thank you" section of every video description (unless you want to be anonymous).

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If you tip $50 or more a month, I'd really appreciate it. (Please only do this if you have a lot of money, lol.)

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