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About Riley Sinpai

Since I have Naruto to thank for me cosplaying, welcome to my village~

If you're reading this, you probably at least know my name is Riley and/or Riley Sinpai. If you stumbled upon this randomly, thank you for reading at all!!

What's a Riley?!

As I said, my name is Riley, and I've been cosplaying since around 2008 as a young weeaboo child. I cosplayed off and on with my friends, typically going to around one convention a year, making one to two cosplays a year. A year or so ago, I re-found solace from day to day struggles and life in cosplay again and started cosplaying even more than I'd used to!

Cosplay allows me to express myself creatively and celebrate my favorite characters at the same time. Without some type of creative outlet, I usually find myself a lost artist.

While every now and then I get discouraged because of my capabilities, space, or whatever failure may arise from crafting and making things - I continue to want to be better and learn however means may allow. SO THANK YOU FOR TAKING INTEREST IN MY WORK, and even THINKING about supporting me.

Now, what the hell is a Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that allows artists to give back to the supporters of what they create and produce! People can become "Patrons" to the "Creators" here via becoming a supporter. When people become Patrons, they get whatever rewards the Creator chose for that level of support!! Patreon is a neato symbiotic relationship, and a great idea.

You can also choose not to pledge anything at all and just "follow" people so to speak. You'll get to see updates and such that way!

Rewards / Mini Goals - more detail on the side/below

As you move up in Ninja rank, your sinpai will teach you new ninjutsus.
I've started increasing how much I've been shooting lately, since I've been having fun doing it on my own and just goofing around with friends. I do multiple shoots within the 3 categories in rewards, fun stuff (or fashion maybe), cosplay stuff, and sometimes bikini cosplays or shoots along those lines (Friday the 13th Yuno).

Note: I'm not going to stop making/posting stuff on other platforms, this is extras/early access for those that do choose to support my crazy cosplay dreams. For example, I'm not going to post 20 pictures of the same cosplay in a row on social media no matter how IN LOVE with them I am.

22% complete
I'll be able to invest in a quality lighting set-up instead of using house lamps and different colored fabric over them lol.
Overall clarity of photos will increase, along with resolution
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