Victor and Vicki Leigh Rinaldi

is creating a neorealistic, graphic fantasy adventure romance
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About Victor and Vicki Leigh Rinaldi

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are Victor and Vicki Leigh Rinaldi, an artist & writer team creating a time spanning neorealistic, fantasy adventure...

Angel’s Wrath is a multi-media partnership of written prose, graphic drama and social historical discourse that will reveal a unique personal perspective on the pervasive influence of dark magic and the far-reaching, negative consequences it can inflict. Our work aims to advance noble concepts based on compassion and understanding in a series of organically evolving storylines that explore a myriad of psychological issues and other fascinating topics to demystify otherwise unfathomable subject matters.

Ultimately, Angel's Wrath may prove an invaluable source of mystic philosophy and certainly only the most astute metaphysical sleuths will be able to unravel all the cryptic clues to be revealed in our art which is best viewed with a staunch rejection of post-modern cynicism!

As far as pledges are concerned, the formula will be on a per post basis (could be illustration, written composition or both) and as an all ages project we're happy to let you know that for your added convenience PayPal payments are accepted.

We truly hope you will consider supporting our heartfelt efforts in what we hope will be an exceptional graphic storytelling experience!

Pax Tecum,
Vicki Leigh and Victor