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About Lena Nguyen


I'm Lena Nguyen. I'm a writer who writes both interactive fiction (stories that change according to your choices) as well as conventional fiction--usually of the fantasy or speculative variety. My work has appeared in places such as the Harvard Review, K'in Literary JournalCreating Life from Life: Biotechnology and Science Fiction, and digital platforms like Tapas Media and Episode. Now, my love of role-playing games and choice-based narratives has led me to my biggest project yet: Shepherds of Haven, an interactive fantasy novel about a Mage living in a world where magic has been outlawed, but demons are invading anyway.


Shepherds of Haven is a dark fantasy game that follows the Order of the Shepherds: a group of fighters and investigators sworn to use their powers to protect the city of Haven from demonic invasion. The only problem? The use of supernatural powers  has been outlawed in the continent for the past two hundred years–and the populace of Haven fears the Shepherds almost as much as they fear the demons themselves.

In Shepherds of Haven you can play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, pan, aro, ace, or aro-ace. You can customize everything about your character, from their appearance (short hair or long hair?) to their racial heritage (elf or exorcist?). And you can recruit, befriend, or betray up to twelve possible allies (with nine available for romance). Each character has their own separate story arc, personality, and relationship to explore–and each has many different endings that are intertwined with your own.
You can find out more about the game on its official Tumblr, the forum thread linked above, or play the demo here


Shepherds of Haven alone is projected to be over 1,000,000 words by the time it's complete: that's more than the entire Harry Potter series combined! In the meantime I'll be writing, coding, designing, and finding art for the entire project on my own (with the help of some wonderful alpha testers), while juggling my own job search and expenses. Food and shelter come first, and unfortunately that doesn't leave me much time to work on a game I'm very, very passionate about. Supporting me on Patreon will not only help allow me to keep the project going, it will expedite the process of finishing the game and give invested readers an exclusive look and influence on the game's development. 


I've thought up as many goodies and bonus content as I can without compromising my ability to work on the main content for Shepherds of Haven. Please check out the tiers of rewards, which include character Q&A sessions and personality quizzes, access to secret plans and art, early access to the alpha version of the game, and polls influencing its trajectory and development! By supporting me here, you enable me to dedicate more time to this project and get the finished version to you in as timely and polished a manner as possible!

Thank you. Your support means the world to me, and if you're not in a position to become a patron, sharing and spreading the word is also an enormous help. Thank you for stopping by, and an especially-huge and heartfelt thank you if you do decide to lend your support!
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I'll commission more art for the game each month, which can only be seen here until the game's release. I'll also allow you to vote on which character, design, or setting you would like to see next, and what would you like to see implemented into the game!
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