is creating english anime, k-pop, video game, and original music!
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About Erina

                                                    ✶                                               ✶                                           ✶
Hello! Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Erin North (also known as "Erina" or "rinniepiex" on Youtube) and I upload english adaptations of anime, video games, and k-pop songs on my channel. 

Singing, song-writing, and music have been apart of me for my entire life. I've been able to express my creativity, my imagination, and my love of story telling through these english adaptations, to what I've always had great love for since I was a little girl (sounds cheesy I know).

                                                 ✶                                              ✶                                            ✶

This Patreon page is an online tip jar! This is where you can donate to help support my covers and contributions go to more high quality equipment, merchandise, hiring audio mixers and musicians, animation videos (!!!!!!!), and maybe an album! If the rewards you see are not ones you like, don't worry about it! Your love and support by just listening and enjoying my music is just as much to me! 


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When this goal is reached, I'll invest in higher quality equipment for better, clearer covers!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to
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