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About Riot Act

Hello and thank you for checking out Riot Act on Patreon! If you’re here then we’d like to assume you are a music fan with impeccable taste, and appreciate the job we’re trying to do in promoting the very best in alternative music.

Both Stephen and Remfry (that’s us) have written and spoken millions of words about our favourite bands in everything from The Independent and The Guardian to Metal Hammer and Team Rock Radio, and beyond. We have dedicated large chunks of our lives to passionately promoting our favourite music, but never has there been an outlet that offers us the opportunity to rep for all the many genres of alternative music that we adore. Until now. Whether you are a fan of brutal death metal or wistful singer songwriters, three chord punk rock or sprawling prog epics, we believe that music in all of its forms deserves to be celebrated. So we started Riot Act to do exactly that.

We have plans to use this platform to talk to artists from across the board about their favourite music, what inspires them and bring you as unique a perspective as we can from their mouths. No one should be forced into the tribalism that used to be so commonplace in music, together we can redefine what alternative means; great music, of all genres, for everyone...??? (Earth Song plays in the background)

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