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Over the last 15 years, God entrusted me with a message of hope and victory for the body of Christ, which I feel the call of God to promote on a broader level now.  

For too long, the church has been Captured in a perspective, that portrayed the future as dark and getting darker. An escapist theology did not encourage believers to engage in the transformation of this creation in the history of our time. Hope was only in the future world of the hereafter. Expecting apocalyptic development, "Antichrist is coming" is still the fearful proclamation of many Christians today.

What if ...
  • ... the world is getting better and the whole creation is transformed by the redeeming power of the cross of Jesus Christ, not only in a millennial future but right now?
  • ... there is a different view on Bible prophecy, that creates a hopeful and optimistic outlook on the future of this planet.
  • ... the sons of God are taking their rightful place and transform society on every level and sphere, so that the knowledge of the Glory of God is obvious for all humanity to see.
  • ... there are realms of glory and dimensions of resources from the open heaven available to us, that no believer has not even dared to dream of until now?

RISING GLORY is infusing hope to believers, by giving them back a Kingdom-perspective and Victorious Eschatology to transfomr their view of the future of this world, alongside with the understanding of the power of the finished work of Christ, the true identity of being a new creation, the liberating truths of a new and better covenant and the simple, grace driven lifestile of a fully adopted and from-above-born son of God. We encourage believers to take their place to manifest a better world!

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